Kidz Snowfun Tour

Organised by the Finnish Ski Association, Finnish Biathlon Association and local winter sports clubs, the Children’s Snow Days project is a continuation of the former Children’s Ski Jumping Tour. Children’s Snow Days offer children an opportunity to exercise on the snow and try ski jumping and skiing in a safe, inspiring setting. In addition, a precision exercise is added to the programme.

This winter, Kidz Snowfun Tour will be arranged around Finland with dozens of schools and in conjunction with two World Cup events. As a new element, the events also include an evening “after party” for all children and their families. 

Kidz Snowfun Tour programme is designed for primary school pupils. Children participate in the tour in the form of day events that include various exercise points through which the children learn about different sports and get to enjoy positive experiences in the world of snow sports—without forgetting about grilled sausages! The day events are implemented in co-operation with local ski jumping, skiing and biathlon clubs. The extensive work within the Snow Moves initiative is supported by LIDL Finland, which is a long-term partner of Finnish ski jumping and Nordic combined.

In 2014, The Hill Tournament for Kids won third prize in the FIS Snow Kidz Awards by the International Ski Federation (FIS). Snow Kidz is part of a larger FIS campaign entitled Bring Children to the Snow. Through the award, FIS aims to learn about and support the best national initiatives and to distribute information on promoting ski sports’ junior activities in different FIS member countries. Kidz Snowfun Tour is part of the Snow Moves initiative of Finnish winter sport associations. It continues the traditions of the The Hill Tournament for Kids as a more extensive event for children and families.