Kidz Snowfun Workshop

The general snow sport teacher materials help teachers implement physical education lessons in keeping with the new curriculum and according to the pupils’ basic skills. In the future, snow sports can be taught almost anywhere, and the lessons are easy to implement even if the teacher doesn’t have any personal experience of the sport. In physical education lessons, children learn to practise and enjoy snow sports through play and games.

Kidz Snowfun Workshop site contains videos on basic snow sport skills: balance, movement and gear handling. In addition, there are tips for physical education classes, including lesson plans for various levels. The plans can be utilised as such or tailored according to the teacher’s preferences. 

The snow sport teacher training features revamped content. Now, the training provides easy, practical tips for physical education classes and the application of the pre-planned lesson plans with different groups. 

The featured snow sports are biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined.