Ski Schools

Ski clubs across the country arrange ski schools chiefly for children aged 4-11. In addition, many clubs arrange Hopeasompa activities for children and young people aged 12-15.

The activities in the ski schools are based on the following principles:

- Everyone should have a possibility to come along to ski

- Everyone should gain positive experiences of skiing and sport, learning an athletic lifestyle

- Everyone should be able to develop as a skier and as an athlete in a way that is suitable for his/her age

- Ski schools are places for children to become friends with each other                                                                                                                                             

Content areas for children aged 4-6:

- Frolics and games with and witouht skis on
- Developing basic abilities to ski
- Developing basic abilities to do sport
- Group work

Content areas for children aged 7-11:

- Frolics and games with and without skis on
- Learning how to move on different terrains
- Learning skiing techniques
- Activities developing speed, skills and mobility; according to the child's developmental stage

The ski schools are led by trained instructors and/or coaches.