The Finnish Ski Association is one of the founding members of the International Ski Federation (FIS). Having been actively involved with the FIS operations from the very beginning, the Finnish representatives have worked in several FIS bodies throughout the organisation's history.

The current secretary-general of the FIS is Sarah Lewis. The headquarters of the FIS is located in Oberhofen, Switzerland. Further information can be found at FIS website.

Finnish representatives at the FIS committees during 2014-2016:

FIS Council:
- Member: Martti Uusitalo 

Special Committees:
- Committee for Advertising Matters: Marko Mustonen
- Committee for Public Relations and Mass Media: Tatu Lehmuskallio
- Medical Committee: Eero Hyvärinen

- Committee for Alpine Skiing: Janne Leskinen
- Sub-Committee for European Cup: Jaana Karhila-Räsänen
- Sub-Committee for Alpine Youth and Children's Questions: Jaana Karhila-Räsänen
- Sub-Committee for the Alpine World Cup: Marko Mustonen
- Sub-Committee for Alpine Rules: Arno Heikkala
- Sub-Committee for Classification of Alpine Competitors: Arno Heikkala
- Sub-Committee for Alpine Courses: Arno Heikkala

- Committee for Freestyle Skiing: Marko Mustonen
- Sub-Committee for Freestyle Rules and Officials: Timo Kanninen
-  Sub-Committee for Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing Youth & Children’s Questions: Jyrki Säämänen

- Cross-Country Committee: Juha Kolu
- Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Youth & Children’s Questions: Satu Kalajainen (Chairlady)
- Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Rules and Control: Juha Kolu
- Sub-Committee for Cross-Country World and Continental Cups: Hannu Koivusalo
- Sub-Committee for Popular Cross-Country: Juha Viljamaa 

- Jumping Committee: Mika Kojonkoski (Chairman)
- Sub-Committee for Jumping Hills: Pekka Hyvärinen
- Sub-Committee for Officials, Rules and Control: Pekka Hyvärinen
- Sub-Committee for Jumping and Nordic Combined Youth and Children's Questions: Lauri Hakola
- Sub-Committee for Calendar Planning : Eero Kuusinen
- Sub-Committee for Equipment and Development : Mikko Virmavirta 

Nordic Combined:
- Committee for Nordic Combined: Jyri Pelkonen
- Sub-Committee for Officials, Rules and Control: Jarkko Laine

- Snowboard Committee: Mats Lindfors